Top Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

Music festival season is upon us and I couldn’t be any happier! Music is a way of life and freedom.  If you haven’t attended a music festival yet, you should.  There is something special about these music festivals and an unreal atmosphere about these festival that producers create.  I have a diverse selection of music that I personally enjoy and that is why this list of festivals are not one genre specific.  Each of these festivals have different sensations, visuals, and atmospheres.  So pick the one that is right for you and don’t hesitate!

Some words to describe the feelings I have had at a music festivals are:




Free Spirit




Here is a list of music festivals I believe should be on every music lovers bucket list:

Electric Daisy Carnival

Insomniac happens to be my favorite music festival and event producers.  Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is a music festival based on all the different types of electric dance music (EDM) offered in many different cities and contires.   I have been to various types of EDM music festivals and EDC is my favorite by far!


(Instagram Photo: @edc_lasvegas)


This festival is an European adventure (on my bucket list).  Tomorrowland takes place in Belgium where many individuals from all over the world to celebrate their love for music!  Their stage sets are magical and mystical creating a fairy tale like atmosphere.


(Instagram Photo: @tomorrowland)

Ultra Music Festival

Ultra is another three day EDM style music festival that is offered in many different countries and cities.  The most popular location I know about is the Miami, Florida where they are in the middle of the city and near the beach.  People in hotels can even hear the music clearly…cannot get better than that!


(Instagram photo: @ultra)


The beauty of Coachella is the diversity of music it offers headliners.  Some examples for the 2017 line up are Lady Gaga, Dillion Francis, Lorde, Mac Miller, and Kendrick Lamar.  With this wide variety of artists, you are able to enjoy more than just one genre of music.  Coachella is a camping style festival where you are able to buy a camp spot and bring your RV’s and camping gear to tailgate…ALL DAY ALL NIGHT


(Instagram photo: @coachella)



Country lovers unite! Stagecoach is a county music festival in California with amazing artists and a camping style festival.  This also happens to be the only festival I have seen that allows children to enter.  So bring your whole family and RV for a tailgating family affair.


(Instagram photo: @stagecoach)


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