San Diego’s Instagrammable Café’s

Ahhh…for the love of coffee. If you are a coffee lover, coffee connoisseur, and coffee nerd brew yourself a fresh batch of coffee and read up on the next café you should be visiting (if you haven’t already).

I moved to San Diego from Los Angeles about three years ago and I have a confession.  I LOVE IT HERE!  The weather is amazing.  The people are friendly.  The beaches are breathtaking. Lastly, there many amazing, delish Instagram worthy café’s.  Another confession, I have not been able to go to most of the following coffee shops BUT they are on my list.

Communal Coffee

(Instagram: @communalcoffee  PC: @lovely_genevieve_) 

Communal Coffee takes pride in their product and service as soon as you walk through the door.  They create an environment that is welcoming to develop a creative community.  This coffee shop provides a place that has great design, a welcoming environment, with delish crafted coffee.

Holy Matcha

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.40.50 PM

(Instagram: @holymatchaa)

If you don’t already, the newest trend is MATCHA and it’s here to stay! Holy Matcha is a new café in San Diego (grand opening was March 11th) that was inspired by travels in Japan by the founder Geraldine Ridaura who can’t drink coffee. So, she found an alternative with great health benefit that also happens to be vibrant.  Holy Matcha’s goals is to create an environment that is engaging and educating and living the matcha lifestyle.

Eat Flower ChildScreen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.44.53 PM

(Instagram: @eatflowerchild PC: @lastname.ip.)

“Healthy food for a happy world” is Eat Flower Child motto.  Join them on the journey of food enlightenment.  Eat Flower Child works with local ranchers to give us delish, fresh, and healthy food served quickly! This casual, chill, and good vibes restaurant also happens to be near the ocean in Del Mar. You can go for a dip and enjoy healthy food that is delicious.

Better BuzzScreen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.53.31 PM

(Instagram: @betterbuzz PC:@fortheloveof_nyc)

If you didn’t already know…Life’s better buzzed! Pacific Beach is getting a new and fun café and drive thru! Get your avocado toast, coffee, or an acai bowl and enjoy the fun atmosphere! Better Buzz Coffee is another delicious, fun, and good vibes only San Diego based coffee shop that is based on Organic Coffee Roaster.

Perks Coffee House
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.29.59 AM

(Instagram: @perks_coffee_house PC: @lovely_genevieve_)

Perks happens to be  an upscale coffee house in North County that brings a downtown feel to San Marcos. This retro-chic coffee shop is cool enough for hipsters but luxurious enough for the pleasure seekers.  For those attending California State University San Marcos make this  your go to stop for a awesome drinks (coffee and alcohol), hangout, and studying.


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