Top Hikes in San Diego



San Diego is the place to be!  However, I think I may be biased.  San Diego is truly an outdoor lovers dream.  No matter the season there is a trail for everyone from easy to extremely. Take out your hiking shoes and visit one of these hiking trails as soon as you can. Although these are all different kind of hikes they all lead to a beautiful and breath taking view.

Palomar “P” Hill

At the moment, I consider myself a north county gal due to living in San Marcos for almost three years now.  The “P” is located behind Palomar College and walking distance from where I currently live so it is the perfect hike for locals.


Easy to moderate // 4 miles

three sisters

Double Peak Trail

There are two different trails that you are able to choose from.  The hike starts at Discovery Lake and provides a good workout with scenic views.  Small thing: this hike is that the roads are service roads so if you are good with that this is the hike for you.

double peak

Moderate // 5 miles

Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines State Park has various trails that are mild with ocean views.  There easier trails for beginners to moderate.  Choose your poison and enjoy the scenery on your way to the beach.

torrey pines

Moderate // 5.6 miles

Mount Woodson “Potato Chip”

Not for the faint hearted.  This hike happens to have some tiny trails due to the popularity. CAUTION: Long wait to take a picture on the potato chip (could be hours).  This popular hike happens to be tough which makes snapping that picture well worth it.

potato chp

Hard // 6.4 miles

Cedar Creek Falls to Devil’s Punchbowl

The way to the Devil’s Punchbowl, the swimming hole at the end of the trail of the Cedar Creek Falls, is easy because it is downhill.  However, the way back home is tough because it is all uphill. At the end of the hike there is a big waterfall surrounded by cliffs and that leads to a natural pool.ounchnpw

Hard // 4.2 miles

Three Sisters Fall Trails

Usually the hardest hikes come with the best rewards and Three Sisters Falls is no different.  The fun thing about this hike is you can eventually reach the Devils Punchbowl (if you would like to).

three sisters

Hard // 4 miles


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