Why You Should Hire the Millennial!

Millennials this…millennials that! Does anyone have anything NICE to say about us? We get a bad rap.  We are said to be lazy, narcissistic, materialist, selfish and entitled. Some say we are obsessed with superficial things like selfies, phones, and social media  instead of important things like values and relationships. It’s even gone so far that we are often referred to as the “worst generation yet.”

selfies .jpg


Here is the thing. Those are stereotypes and they are not fair or true for every millennial!   UNDERSTAND?  Here’s the other thing: Millennials are the biggest generation right now.  We’re not going away so sorry ( NOT SORRY) everyone will just get used to it!

So, let’s find a way to understand each other and work together.  Focus on the positives!

Here are 6 reasons you should hire a millennial:

Millennials are ambitious.  They place a huge amount of importance on career progression and personal growth.

Millennials are collaborators. They enjoy team work and collaborating with others.  With their collaboration skills they are eager to learn.


Millennials are tech-savvy.  Due to their “obsession” with social media they know how to use these social platforms and all the devices to access them.  They are able to operate and recommend advanced tools and technologies as well as teach you how to use these systems.

tech savy .jpg

Millennials have a different outlook on life.  Eager, adaptive, optimistic are some great words to describe millennials.  They are not afraid of change – instead they look forward to it.

Millennials are multi-taskers. With many tech gadgets sharing news and engaging interaction, Millennials are easily able to switch their attention from different media platforms and technology gadgets in a matter of seconds.


Millennials are motivated by more than just money. They love meaningful work and accomplishments.  This means that work/life balance and flexibility is a more motivating factor.



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