Why You Should Hire the Millennial!

Millennials this...millennials that! Does anyone have anything NICE to say about us? We get a bad rap.  We are said to be lazy, narcissistic, materialist, selfish and entitled. Some say we are obsessed with superficial things like selfies, phones, and social media  instead of important things like values and relationships. It's even gone so far [...]


PR, is it for YOU?

I got blessed with an internship in the summer of 2016 that turned into a Junior Publicist position.  My internship was my first "real job"  where I was able to build towards my future career.  I am a business management major so working in public relations was completely new to me.  However, I fell in [...]

Best Restaurants in North County San Diego

North County hasn’t been everyone’s go to when it comes to San Diego.  However, North County is up and coming and there are many amazing restaurants scattered around.  Make sure you take the time to check these places out.  I promise you they are worth it. Local Tap House Great food. Great service. Great drinks. [...]

Top Hikes in San Diego

    San Diego is the place to be!  However, I think I may be biased.  San Diego is truly an outdoor lovers dream.  No matter the season there is a trail for everyone from easy to extremely. Take out your hiking shoes and visit one of these hiking trails as soon as you can. [...]

San Diego’s Instagrammable Café’s

Ahhh...for the love of coffee. If you are a coffee lover, coffee connoisseur, and coffee nerd brew yourself a fresh batch of coffee and read up on the next café you should be visiting (if you haven't already). I moved to San Diego from Los Angeles about three years ago and I have a confession.  I [...]

Top Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

Music festival season is upon us and I couldn’t be any happier! Music is a way of life and freedom.  If you haven’t attended a music festival yet, you should.  There is something special about these music festivals and an unreal atmosphere about these festival that producers create.  I have a diverse selection of music [...]